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Less walk, less distance, more time to learn, more knowledge

We buy and import over supply of bicycle globally and distribute them to poor students in villages so they can cycle to school.

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Lesswalk 2019 delivery summary

Dear All, Despite many challenges from financial to HR to logistics, we were to complete donation and delivery of 7289 Bikes in year 2019...

2923 Ofo sail from Osaka to Yangon port

2923 brand new Ofo Bicycles from Osaka city Japan are loaded into 16 x 40FT containers and ship to Yangon Port, Myanmar. Lesswalk will be...

First Delivery in Sagaing Region

24th June 2019 This is the first time we delivered our bicycles outside of Yangon region and we drove with our trucks loaded with 300...

Our first delivery in Yangon Hlegu

15th- 16th June 2019 Since our news of lesswalk spread, we have received many emails and messages asking for help. We did our due...

1st batch of 1000 Ofo Bicycles arrived

5th June 2019, we have just cleared our 1st batch of 1000 Ofo bicycles, these bicycles are on top notch condition and we are extremely...

Forming of and major leads

Thank to the might social media! In the next 2 weeks from my post, I have managed to get in touch with a few major potential leads from...

First idea in 07/2018 and roadblocks

This movement idea was first came by me around July 2018 when Obike started shutting down its business and went into liquidation on 25th...

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