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  • Mike Than Tun Win

Our first delivery in Yangon Hlegu

15th- 16th June 2019

Since our news of lesswalk spread, we have received many emails and messages asking for help. We did our due diligence and we decided to surprise them with the bicycles.

We visited 2 Monastery ran Orphanages and school, 1 Chin Christian Orphanage providing housing and schooling for Chin students from Chin state, another 1 Chin-Karen Orphanage taking in children from Nagaland, Karen and Chin State. We donated a total of 95 units on these 2 days

Students all need to walk a minimum of 1 hour to school and most of them are either orphans or from single family.

Please like and follow us on our Facebook page as we will be sharing more details

Chin Students receiving the bicycles

Naga and Karen Students at the Orphanage

Students at a charity Monastery Orphanage

Tough road condition leading to the school

Students collecting bicycles from the delivery truck

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