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  • Mike Than Tun Win

Crazily happy students riding down to school!

19th June 2019

Today, we loaded 2 x large truck and 1 box truck under heavy rain with 205 bicycles and we drove to Hmawbi Township to donate to 2 Government schools 186 Bicycles and 19 Bicycles to 2 Orphanages.

The benefiting students some walk up to almost 2 hours from the village to school. Back and forth they spend more than 4 hours travelling. Most students walk an average of 1-1.5 hours. It is saddening to see many students in the more rural area have challenging family situation, coming from single parent families or losing both parents at young age.

However, despite these challenging environment, we are extremely heartened to see how much the local community and society care about the future of these children. Regardless of how poor they are, and how far they live, families and students battle these challenges for the pursue of education, for a better life.

Almost every student we came up to, when we asked “Whats the best way to change your life?” Their answers were instant and simple, “Education!”

Some students want to be teacher, engineer, doctor, and even President of Myanmar. We wish them all the best in their pursuit of dreams!

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