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Second attempt amid global withdrawal of Ofo & Mobike - March/2019

About 6 months have past since my last attempt to buy obike from liquidator went to despair and by first week of March. News of Chinese top 2 bike sharing giants Ofo & Mobile shutting down global operations have taken the world major news outlet but storm. This time, the impact on the environment will be much bigger than oBike given the sheer size of these 2 companies and the potential number of bicycle affected in hundred of thousands. Photos of massive Chinese junkyards are taking internet by storm, and the world needs to act! Oversupply of bicycle in China might be in millions!

I have to act now! On 1st March 2019, I posted request for help message on facebook, wechat & linkedin for my network to connect me to someone from Ofo or Mobike or government authority or junkyard or anyone who can help me prevent wasting of these resources and turn them into opportunity and give these bicycles to those who really need it! I need to make this 1st world problem into 3rd world solution!

My both posts attracted a lot of attention from my friends and my messaging apps are filled with friends who are willing to help and connect me to the right people. This is a major milestone and i spent the next few weeks working on the valuable leads.

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