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  • Mike Than Tun Win

First idea in 07/2018 and roadblocks

This movement idea was first came by me around July 2018 when Obike started shutting down its business and went into liquidation on 25th June 2018. It felt extremely sad for me to see all these bicycles piling up in junkyard, left around roads and parks unattended and rusting. The manufacturing of these bicycles can cost anywhere from USD 300 to 500 per unit and a lot of natural resources are now left to waste and sent to blazing furnace to recycle if we are lucky or just simply left rusting somewhere.

I immediately recalled my multiple road trips around outskirt of Myanmar where i see lines and lines of students walking long distance from their village to reach their schools. Sadness overwhelmed me, and i thought how these greedy venture capital and founders and unfair allocation of resources have created these problem. It will be really wonderful if i can buy these bicycles and donate them to these poor students! I started working on this campaign in July 2018 and through my contact, managed to speak to the liquidators of obike in Singapore. What followed up after that was depressing, and the process wasn't as easy as i thought! Due to liquidation process, and users deposits being misused and not refunded, it has created a pretty complicated situation. I have offered to buy them at the same price as junkyard collectors but various red tapes have discouraged me and this project become a long pending issues.

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