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1st Batch of 3300 new undeployed bicycle arrived to Yangon warehouse

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

15 Containers of 3300 newly undeployed oBike has arrived to Yangon port about end of April. It has took us more than 1 month to process port custom clearing, and slapped with some heavy port charges. It wasn’t a very easy journey with red tapes. Another batch of Brand new 2700 Obike and 4000 Ofo bought from liquidator & warehouse owners will arrive in the month of June. All bicycles are for free for students living below poverty line in Myanmar and need to walk 2km to school. The initiative is better than expected as I was trying to buy used bikes from recycling graveyards but managed to get 100% new undeployed Bicycles at very good price! 10,000 Families will benefit by lesswalk program!

Starting on 1st June to 2nd June 2019, we are working very hard at our warehouse to unload these many bicycles. Before end of June, another 6700 units will arrive to Yangon.

I have been planning it since 1st March when i published on facebook and Linkedin. After posting on Social Media I have received many calls and emails who offered to help, however many leads failed to generate true result . I visited a few graveyards and was turned away due to trademarks issue and cost of refurbishing, legal issue due to liquidation process and many more. Finally, with the help of my cousin, i was able to buy these 10,000 bicycles at good cost. This is the Beginning of Lesswalk movement! 3 Months after my post, I am super glad that I can finally start working on it! Big thanks to everyone and my family members for supporting my movement!

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