• Mike Than Tun Win

Fake news on Twitter being shared on China news

There is a twitter account 缅甸掸邦北部第一特区(果敢民族) @shenzhilong001 posted about Myanmar Ministry of Education buying 365,000 bicylces from China at $35 to donate to Myanmar school is a fake news. We do not agree this twitter account for using our images without our permission and spreading fake news. This fake news has been viral on China social media and will like to ask readers to report it. <缅甸掸邦北部第一特区(果敢民族) @ shenzhilong001> 的推特帐户发布了一个关于缅甸教育部从中国以35元购买36.5万辆共享汽车捐赠给缅甸学校的消息是假新闻。我们不同意此推特帐户未经我们的许可使用我们的图像并传播虚假新闻。这个假新闻在中国的社交媒体上出现转报,我们并希望请读者帮忙举报。这是假新闻,缅甸教育部没有这个行动。

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